Connect with CAFOD’s work online this Harvest Fast Day


Elizabeth, farmer in Bolivia

On 7th October you are invited to join CAFOD online for your chance to hear from Nikki Evans, Programme Officer for Bolivia. You can find out about CAFOD’s work in Bolivia and the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about our projects and the communities we work with.

Joining an online talk is easy. Simply choose from the lunchtime and evening talks and register using your email address.

Although volunteers in the Diocese of Salford live many thousands of miles from Bolivia, this Harvest Fast Day you have the chance to join us on the journey – all from your own home! 


CAFOD Salford hear about life in Bolivia, with Nikki Evans

Last week, we were delighted to be joined by Nikki Evans for our Harvest Fast Day briefing at Katherine House. Here Nikki tells us about her time in Bolivia working for CAFOD.

“I first visited Bolivia in 1998. I was struck by all the colours and contrasts. Up in the Altiplano the land is brown, the potatoes are brown and the mountains are grey and this contrasts with the bright colours of the shawls and hats of the Andean people. Down in the Amazon basin there are thousands of colours.”

“In any new country I am always most interested in the people and how they live. I was not surprised by the poverty that I saw. I arrived first in La Paz where the indigenous ladies wear bowler hats, large skirts and colourful shawls.”


Nikki in Bolivia

“I’m so pleased that the Bolivian rural livelihoods projects were chosen for Hands On! Many of the poorest and most vulnerable people in Bolivia live in the highest parts of the Andes mountains and so it’s difficult for visitors to come and learn about the work the CAFOD supports. There are three different partners that work on the Bolivian Rural Livelihoods projects for Hands On. They each have different approaches and strengths but all of them are helping families to transform their lives.”

You can hear more from Nikki by joining the Harvest Fast Day online session.

If you have any questions please contact Eleanor at or call 0207 095 5332.

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