Harvest Fast Day at St.Annes RC Primary School

I’m Sophie Hull and I am part of the Step Into The Gap programme and I’m writing about my experience of going into my weekly chaplaincy school St.Annes RC Primary School.


Harvest display

As part of the Step into the Gap programme I went into St.Annes RC Primary School in Manchester to deliver a session on Harvest fast day . I and Caroline, a volunteer for the Time for God Gap Year, got the children to think about the celebration of harvest and how harvest is a time of sharing our resources with the wider world.

We showed the children Rubens story, which although they had already watched in assembly that week, they were enthusiastic to watch it again. The children came up with various ideas on how they can share their resources to help families, like Nicanora in Bolivia.

Each class did activities surrounding acting,giving and praying.Year Two and Year Three did brightly coloured ‘thank you’ cards and leaflets thanking God for the food and resources we have. Year Four made brightly coloured cartoon strips of the harvest process and Year Five made Harvest “oaths”  to help  those less fortunate than themselves,especially around the world. 


Nicanora and her family

Other than ideas surrounding giving resources and money to the families in Bolivia, the children in year four and five came up with “spreading the word of CAFOD” and “teaching them on how to farm and plant crops” as other ways of helping which I found remarkable.

As we always do we ended the session on a prayer and reflection to remind the children that prayer is also  important than just giving and acting. I used the harvest powerpoint resource,which had a beautiful prayer about  building a brighter world.

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