Volunteers inspire schools to Brighten Up for Harvest

This term, CAFOD Education Volunteers have been visiting schools across the Diocese to share CAFOD’s work at Harvest. Ann Hayes shares the experiences from St James the Less Primary School.

A child hands out stickers

St James the Less Primary celebrate Harvest

When I first saw CAFOD’s new assembly with the story of Wonder Worm, a superhero worm helping families in Bolivia, I knew the story would be a hit with volunteers and schools. And I haven’t been wrong. This term volunteers have been visiting schools sharing the story of Wonder Worm and food production in Bolivia and inviting children and young people to Brighten Up for Harvest to help our brothers and sisters living in poverty.

Could you volunteer in schools with CAFOD?

Andrea and John, visited St James the Less Primary School to share CAFOD’s work this Harvest and help the children understand about the causes and solutions to poverty.

The pupils chaplains, Olivia, Rebekah, George, Meabh, Lilya, Millie, Nell and Sofia, said:

Two volunteers speaking to school assembly

Andrea and John deliver an assembly at St James the Less

‘At St James the Less Primary School we have been busy celebrating Harvest and raising money for people in Bolivia. Andrea and John from CAFOD visited us to tell us all about Rilba and his family. We learnt about how hard it is to grow crops because of the changing climate. However, with money donated by CAFOD, Rilba and his family now have greenhouses and wonder worms for the soil to help grow their vegetables. Last Tuesday, Canon Lupton celebrated our CAFOD Harvest Mass in school. Then after the Mass, we raised £104.65 with our cake sale. The cakes were colourful and delicious and we had cakes for two days because there were so many left over!’

Thank you so much to everyone at St James the Less Primary School for your hard work

Children sell cakes

The bright cake sale at St James the Less school!

and generosity! It is wonderful to hear that the children were so inspired by Andrea and John’s visit, and I know that many schools have been enjoying CAFOD visits this term, about a range of topics including the Year of Mercy, refugees and the Pope’s encyclical, Laudato Si’.

Book a CAFOD visitor for your school

Schools across the diocese have been inspired and supported by CAFOD Education Volunteers this term, but we are always looking for more. If you think you’d like to volunteer in schools for CAFOD, get in touch.




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