Celebrating our events and ‘behind the scenes’ volunteer, Delia Keville


Delia is a parishioner at SS Peter and Paul’s Church in Pendleton and she has been a CAFOD volunteer for over 10 years. For the most part, Delia works on our ‘events’ and her organisation skills are second to none.

Some of this events ‘management’ is done in the CAFOD Salford Volunteer Centre or in Delia’s home. In the past, she has been our lynchpin for managing our schools’ volunteer conferences, which has involved many e mail trails ensuring the staff at the schools involved know what to do, when and where. These conferences have always run smoothly due to Delia’s great art of seeing the fine detail. She has also been involved in organising our two Big Sings, and took all the pressure off the office by dealing with the communication between those involved. More recently, she has assisted in organising a tour of Wardley Hall followed by afternoon tea as a thank you to our longstanding volunteers and, at present, she has agreed to take over the ‘management’ of our campaign volunteers. This will involve some time in the office and some work at home. Delia is a huge asset to our team, has a great sense of humour and we love having her around. In terms of her time commitment, this varies due to the season, since, as a retired person, she spends some time on holiday (especially over the winter). This works well as we can plan what Delia does around her life. I hope the arrangement is mutually beneficial and long may it continue.

The photo is of Delia with Bishop John at our ‘Welcome the Stranger’ liturgy where Delia played a key role in ensuring people were invited and making sure the venue was fit for purpose. It was a great event, due, in no small part to Delia’s ‘domestic’ work in the background as she likes to call it.

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