Romero: Heartbeat of El Salvador- A New Play

RISE Theatre, in association with CAFOD Shrewsbury and All Saints Church, are performing their new play, Oscar Romero: Heartbeat of El Salvador, in Sale this month. 

Join us on Friday 24th March, the anniversary of Romero’s death, to learn more about his life and legacy.

Poster for Romero play

RISE Theatre’s new, original play brings to life in vivid colour the story of Blessed Oscar Romero and his heart for the oppressed people of El Salvador. It fuses live drama with media applications and original archive sound to create an immersive, emotive
experience for audiences.

Learn more about Oscar Romero

Romero chose to challenge those in power and stand up for social justice. He demanded respect for human rights. In 2017, Romero’s Centenary year, we continue to draw much inspiration from his example, particularly when considering and responding to the injustice and oppression taking place in our world today.

Friday 24th March, 7.00pm

All Saints Church, Carrington Lane, Sale, M33 5WL

Donations of £5 or more on the door

Download the poster for your church here

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