Sharing Stories from Ethiopia to home

Sophie with Mike shaft

Sophie with Mike Shaft talking about Ethiopia visit as part of the CAFOD Step Into the Gap programme.



Since coming back from my overseas visit to Ethiopia to meet CAFOD’s Partners, the Daughters of Charity, I have had the amazing opportunity to talk about the Step into the Gap programme in relation to my Overseas visit on the BBC Radio. To be able to talk about my experience and inspire others to apply for the Step into the Gap programme who may or may not have heard of CAFOD before, was a real blessing and I am so proud to share the work that CAFOD partners are doing in the local communities in Ethiopia.

Other than speaking on the radio, I have travelled home to Blackpool to talk at mass in my local parish, sharing some of the experiences I encountered while being away. I shared the stories of many women who were involved in the HIV/Livelihoods projects and how their lives had been transformed due to their empowerment and resilience which could not be possible without CAFOD supporters.

Sophie speaking at front of church

Talking at my local parish St.John Vianney in Blackpool.



I also spoke about the East Africa Crisis, the effects the famine has had in Ethiopia and what CAFOD are doing to support this crisis. I emphasised the importance of water, sanitation and renewable energy especially for those living in the rural areas of Sebeya, from seeing this first hand when seeing the Connect2 Sebeya project. I showed them photos of the women I encountered and the water pumps provided by CAFOD’S partners. Each pump provides 72 families with access to clean drinking water.

church 2

Sophie with Fr.Peter at Sunday Mass.


To have been able to share my experience with my local community and show them what their regular CAFOD donations are doing is incredible. Receiving generous donations and hearing the passion and concern they had for the local communities in Ethiopia because of how inspired they were by my talk has made me feel a sense of love and care for our common home.

I am looking forward to sharing my experience and the stories of the people I encountered with others schools in the community, showing them the messages they had written and the messages that have been written back for them.

One thought on “Sharing Stories from Ethiopia to home

  1. Well done Sophie on this valuable work and informing people of how their donations are helping people. You have had a wonderful experience and thank you for sharing it with us. Xxx


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