St Joseph’s “Share the Journey” as part of their Refugee Day

IMG-20181012-WA0003As part of their Hope in the Future programme, launched by the Diocese of Salford, and Child Wellbeing Week, St Joseph’s RC Primary in Ramsbottom held a Refugee Day before the October half-term break.

The aim of their day was to bring hope to the families who have been displaced from their homes and jobs, forced to leave their countries and live in refugee camps. During the day they raised money for CAFOD who provide support and resources to improve the lives of refugees around the world.

Children were asked to wear their own clothes for a donation of £1.00 as part of a non-uniform day. During the morning break there was also a cake sale, where pupils and staff were able to purchase delicious cakes for only 20p each. As a result of these great fundraising efforts the school will be purchasing some CAFOD World Gifts which will help improve the lives of refugees. Continue reading

Salford pupils add miles to around the world charity challenge

More exciting and encouraging news this week! Students from St Ambrose Barlow and All Hallows RC High Schools marked the launch of their year-long support of the Share the Journey campaign by walking 3 miles each to address the Bishop of Salford, John Arnold.

The schools’ support of the campaign is being led by the parish of St. Charles Borromeo, Swinton, under the Parish Priest Fr. Paul Smith, and the whole school will be getting involved: the art department creating an exhibition on loving your neighbours, and P.E. logging the miles they clock up during classes.

When addressing the Bishop, Martin, a student from St Ambrose Barlow, said: “We have come here to Wardley Hall in an act of solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world who are refugees or migrants; currently displaced.

“We have walked here because Pope Francis has invited us to Share the Journey so that we would feel compassion for those who have had to flee oppression and war.

“We are here to make a difference. We believe that by walking through the streets of Salford people will see our witness and be inspired to be change-makers; being a voice for refugees.”

From CAFOD in Salford we want to say a massive thank you!! These young people are amazing on how they are showing their support for this campaign. Over the next year, the schools will come together and show local leaders that protecting refugees and migrants is an important issue to their communities.

Share the Journey keeps delivering a powerful message to world leaders that we want new global agreements that ensure refugees and migrants can live fairly and with dignity.

#Simplicity Day

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ challenges us to “Care for Our Common Home” by growing in faith, hope, and love. We must strive to live in healthy relationships with God, neighbour, and all creation. We are called to be ecological citizens, to make prudent decisions, and to take sometimes bold actions. In the particular matter of climate change, we are cautioned to reduce emissions of pollutants like carbon dioxide when it is in our control.

So, today (12th July) we celebrate #simplicity day. We thought that it would be useful to give some examples on how the people from our office are trying to help the environment by making decisions that represent less waste and living simpler.

– No plastic bottles for me, thank you. Rosie has said ‘no’ to plastic bottles, so she always tries to carry around her bottle of water. This is a great decision since a million plastic bottles are bought around the world per minute. So, next time that you leave home try to take with you your reusable bottle.

-Personal hygiene – plastic free. Steve has decided since his birthday that his daily hygiene routines will not cost the environment. So, he had ditched ALL THE PLASTIC. This means, for example, replacing the plastic bottles for soap bars, plastic toothbrush for bamboo toothbrush.

-I only eat what I grow (on Thursdays). Bridge has decided that in her house they will only eat what they grow in their allotment on Thursdays. This means very fresh tomatoes and lettuce, but not always the amount of food that you usually expect when you go to the supermarket. But, this also gives you another perspective of how people who depend of what they grow is what they eat and become more conscious about what we buy.

-Give me nature. You know that the coconut oil can be used as a moisturiser, makeup removal, shaving cream,  hair conditioner and much more. So, I have decided to stop buying a bunch of cosmetics and replace them with coconut oil. This does not only help to reduce plastic bottle waste, but helps you too.

I hope you enjoyed our experiences and recommendations and that it encourages you to start making different decisions that will help the environment and live simpler.

Have a lovely day!

P.S: “An important part of our faith is to care for creation and to develop respect for other people in the world. Becoming a livesimply parish helps you go deeper and to take action.”

Written by Estefanía González