BOB Boxes Land in Sabden


Late in June on a sunny Sunday afternoon the B.O.B. Box Project, promoted by the Diocese of Salford and CAFOD Salford, landed in St Mary’s, Sabden.

A B.O.B. box is a unique, dual purpose bird nesting or bat roosting box, which won an ‘Observer Ethical Award” in 2011, now helping CAFOD to hopefully raise over £500,000.


At Sabden Summer Fair ten people bought or sponsored a BOB Box for £10 each.  These boxes can accommodate a bird or a bat to nest or roost, and will be sited strategically as part of Our Lady of the Valley parish’s Livesimply Award environmental activities. The Livesimply Award is an opportunity for Catholic communities – parishes, schools, religious orders and chaplaincies – to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”.

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Message from Bishop John about becoming a Livesimply Parish with CAFOD



Share the Journey Walk from CAFOD’s Office in Salford

In CAFOD’s Office in Salford, every first Tuesday of the month, we gather together for prayer and share lunch. However, this month we decided to go for a walk from the office in Salford to Clowes Park as part of  “Share the Journey” campaign to walk in solidarity with refugees, #ShareJourney.

STJ 12 june.png

It is so inspiring to see how people come together and show compassion, but also to make a clear statement that we stand with the refugees through our walk. This campaign has been inspired by Pope Francis’ concern. He said: ‘Every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity for an encounter with Jesus Christ, who identifies with the welcomed and rejected strangers of every age’

This group has added 38 miles more to the 21,400 miles already walked by CAFOD supporters in England and Wales!! It is not only the addition of the miles (WE ARE ALMOST AT OUR 24,900 miles TARGET!), but all the inspiring conversations that happen along the journey, stories of our own family migration from overseas and our neighbours, who have recently arrived.


Right now, there are more people than ever fleeing from war, persecution, natural disaster and poverty. The Church worldwide has decided to not turn away from this situation and is committed to sharing the journey of these human beings who also have hopes, fears, desires and stories.

We encourage you to share this campaign as a sign of compassion to those who have left everything behind to find a safer place, but also for those who tried but could not arrive at their destination.

Written by Estefanía González