Families fighting world hunger this Lent

We are so amazed and proud of everyone who has contributed to our ‘Family Fast Day’ which took place on 23rd of February. There have been so many communities and parishes supporting CAFOD’s initiative by enjoying a simple meal and donate the money saved to CAFOD. This Lent, CAFOD has been working to combat malnutrition in Zimbabwe by providing seeds and farming training for families and communities so that everyone has enough to eat.

As an example of the support, the parishioners from St Vincent’s church, Norden, raised £80 by holding their own simple soup lunch!

Graham Sivills, a parishioner from St Vincent’s, said: “It was wonderful to see the community coming together to support CAFOD.  We’re so pleased that the money raised will go to helping communities overseas, and that we could stand in solidarity with them this family fast day.”

St Vincents norden lent

It is great to see how communities come together and fight for world hunger. Worldwide, one in nine people regularly go hungry. Specially in Zimbabwe, one in three people are undernourished. January to March is the most difficult time of year for food. The rains start falling in November, but the harvest doesn’t start until April. The stores from last year are depleted – this time of year is known as the ‘hunger gap’.

Moreover, this year with the lent appeal the UK government is matching donations made by parishes like St Vincent’s to CAFOD’s work, showing how important the money raised will be for some of the world’s poorest people.

Thank you all for your continue support. With each campaign and each new action we realise how powerful we can be when we are united.

Have a wonderful day!

Written by Estefanía González


On Palm Sunday 25th March the Craft and Chatter group will be selling knitted Easter bunnies, Chicks and more to collect funds for CAFOD.


If you are around St Edward’s Parish Hall come and say ‘hi’. In return there is cake and coffee!


CAFOD PRAYERS for Tuesday 6th March 2018


Opening Prayer:

O Lord, open our eyes to your presence.

Open our minds to your grace.

Open our lips to your praises.

Open our hearts to your love.

Open our lives to your healing,

and be found among us.

                                        (David Adam)

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