International Women’s Day 2018

Written by Annie Powell

Today we commemorate the amazing work of women all over the world. International Women’s Day is not only a celebration of the social, political and economic achievements of women over the past 100 years, but a reminder of the worldwide unification still needed as we strive for empowerment and parity.

CAFOD believes in the dignity and value of every person, regardless of gender. Tackling poverty requires equality, with both woman and men being part of the solution. Therefore, as we fight for the rights of our sisters and brothers all over the world, we must recognise the enhanced benefits for families and society provided by women and girls.

On International Women’s Day, CAFOD wants to highlight and celebrate our partners’ commitment to achieving gender equality.

Marian lives in Zimbabwe. For years she was unable to provide the food and water needed for her son to be a healthy and happy boy. However, with the donations from CAFOD’s supporters, she has been provided with the training and seeds required to produce vegetables for her family and the community. She now has another son who thrives as every child deserves.


This is an example of the amazing work of just one woman, and something that could be the reality for so many more as we continue to push for a world where the barriers that stop women from reaching their full potential are permanently removed.

Find out more about CAFOD’s work with women. 

CAFOD PRAYERS for Tuesday 6th March 2018


Opening Prayer:

O Lord, open our eyes to your presence.

Open our minds to your grace.

Open our lips to your praises.

Open our hearts to your love.

Open our lives to your healing,

and be found among us.

                                        (David Adam)

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House Stations – Walking the Way of the Cross

We hope you enjoy this little piece of inspiration from Linda Swarbrick, Brownedge St Mary’s, this Lent… The House Stations of the Cross is in its 14th year, and is still flourishing in the parish!


“During Lent we have House Stations of the Cross, the idea being that a group of parishioners who live near each other gather in one of the houses in the group and pray the Stations of the Cross together.

Participating homes are grouped in fives within walking distance of each other and the Stations are said in a different home in the group each week. We have groups spread throughout the Parish including local nursing homes and sheltered accommodation.

The days and times vary and this enables people who for one reason or another are unable to get to the Stations in church.  Some groups have a cup of tea and a chat afterwards.

It is amazing how many variations of the Stations there are, each group decides which they would like to follow.  We started this in 2004  and each year since then many people have walked the Way of the Cross each week.

It takes a little organising at first but it’s well worth the effort!”

“When two or three are gathered in my name, I am with you”

Find out more about CAFOD’s Stations of the Cross resources