Love, love, love… and green hearts

Written by CAFOD volunteer Estefania Gonzalez

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is coming! Love, love, love. This is a time to show that affection to our loved ones and from the CAFOD Salford office we wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

However, we know and see the impact that climate change is having on the Earth and our daily lives. So, in an effort to protect the beautiful parks and countryside around us CAFOD is trying to raise awareness by giving green hearts. Yes, that is right, GREEN HEARTS!

The Pope has been urging us to consider the effects humankind is having on the world, “I urgently appeal, then, for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. We need a conversation which includes everyone.” (Laudato Si, 14)


This is a moment to also think of our brothers and sisters who live in the poorest countries and are suffering the worst impacts of climate change.

One in six of our brothers and sisters around the world currently don’t have the electricity they need to power schools, clinics, homes and businesses. I urge you to help make sure the world’s poorest people get the energy services they need through sustainable sources such as solar power. See CAFOD’s “Power to be” campaign.

So, that is our mission for this Valentine’s Day, to show that we care by making green hearts and raising awareness about the issues that the environment is facing because of climate change. What better day to also express our love for God’s creation and our brothers and sisters!

All these little actions count and can change the way we think about and act towards our plant and others. So, we are encouraging everyone to start that conversation about climate change with those around us by making and sharing a green heart. Here are some ideas, but you can be as creative as you want:

Because everyone loves receiving hearts, and we love our world, let’s be conscious that we need to take care of it.

Sending you love and hundreds of green hearts!

green heart

Julie Cooper MP meets church group, speaking up about climate change

Members of St John the Baptist’s CAFOD Group recently met with Julie Cooper MP at her constituency clinic in Burnley to urge her to take action on climate change.


Members of the CAFOD group with Julie Cooper MP

Asking her to help empower communities and households to enjoy cleaner, healthier lives here in the UK and overseas, members of the group encouraged Julie Cooper to write to the Prime Minister to urge her new government to:

  • Reaffirm the UK’s role as a global climate leader, working with international allies to fully implement the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015
  • Ensure all government departments work together to produce an ambitious emissions reduction plan that will meet the Climate Change Act (2008) targets by:
    • Unlocking local and community energy
    • Cutting energy waste in homes
    • Tackling emissions and air pollution from vehicles

The meeting was part of the Speak Up week of action, which saw thousands of local people meeting their MPs across the country in the week of 1st – 9th July. From nature walks to church tea parties, from community energy visits to school activities, people from all walks of life were making sure their politicians saw how much their constituents care about what we could lose to climate change. Continue reading

Three things to ask this general election


Step into the Gap volunteer, Lizzie, who is currently volunteering at Just Youth, reflects on her recent trip to Cambodia and how it has inspired questions for her parliamentary candidates.

Lizzie with her MP and volunteer, Sophie

Lizzie (right) met her MP in October

On 18th April, Theresa May called a General Election. This was immediately followed by campaigning and manifestos, news reports and social media posts. The topics that got us all talking were Brexit, a term we have come to use on a daily basis, the NHS and education. During this time, one thing struck me: we are incredibly inward facing.
Don’t get me wrong, these are extremely important issues that any government needs to address, however as a nation we also have a duty to our brothers and sisters across the world, not just across the street. CAFOD supporters have shown time and time again this truth. Through campaigns and appeals, CAFOD has joined with other UK-based development agencies to show not only the government, but also the rest of the world, that we care for our common home and those we share it with.

Find out why political campaigning is powerful

Continue reading