Highlights of the Year – 2017 Part II

Written by CAFOD volunteer Estefania Gonzalez.

We’ve had such a great year that we had to split it into two blogs!

Read Part I of our 2017 highlights!

Laudato Si

In Laudato Si, the letter of Pope Francis, he talks about our ‘care for our common home’ and to show our love for creation. In June, CAFOD Salford, as a practical response for this, launched its B.O.B box project. Bishop John Arnold has encouraged the project and said that ‘the B.O.B boxes gives us a real opportunity to connect with nature, by helping endangered birds and bats that are so important to our local environment’

Don’t ditch Fair Trade

Unfortunately, this year Sainsbury’s decided to ditch Fairtrade Mark from some of their own brand tea and replace it with its own ‘Fairly Traded’ brand. Fairtrade makes a difference to the workers in some of the world’s poorest communities.

But CAFOD, in collaboration with others, have said #dontditchfairtrade by taking action in October. Thanks to that, thousands of people have already written to Sainsbury’s and gather outside their local Sainsbury’s store using mug props saying ‘‘Ditching Fairtrade: not my cup of tea’.


Lastly, but not least, the amazing result on Maua. CAFOD has been supporting the Maua community for months to avoid the eviction where hundreds of families in Sao Paulo would lose their roof over their heads.

In England and Wales, 4,000 CAFOD supporters joined this action by signing petitions, sending emails and sharing pictures in social media #Ficamaua, and the eviction was CANCELLED.

This means that 237 families who have been living in Maua for the last decade will continue to live there.

From CAFOD Salford, we want to say THANK YOU, and we hope that this serves as a reflection of this year on how much we can achieve when we are united.

Hope all these stories have inspired and encouraged you for a better 2018.

Thank you for everything.

A happy new year from Steve, Ann and Rosie.

Highlights of the Year – 2017 Part I

Written by CAFOD volunteer Estefania Gonzalez.

2017 has been great, and we’ve seen a lot of contribution from the communities to help those who need it. So, here there are the main highlights and news that have happened in CAFOD during this year. We hope that this inspires everyone that has helped and encourage people to believe that we can make a greater impact this 2018.

Happy New Year!

Power to be

CAFOD believes that every child has the power in them to achieve great things. However, with one in six people living without electricity, this dream seems distant to many children. During the year, CAFOD volunteers have been visiting schools to share the news of the campaign by taking part in workshops, which taught the children how some children across the world are sometimes unable to reach their true potential due to poverty and a lack of renewable energy.

Many schools have been involved like St Brendan’s RC Primary which has been supporting this campaign.

Members of St John’s CAFOD Group have met Julie Cooper MP who signed one of the current CAFOD “Power to be” campaign cards which are calling on the World Bank to ensure renewable energy access for the world’s poorest people.


Lent and Harvest Fast Day – Zambia & El Salvador

This year during Lent Fast Day, many soup lunches were held! All of these actions helped Florence who lives in Zambia. Thanks to donations from CAFOD supporters, CAFOD’s partner in the area gave Florence tiny fish and they taught her to build fish ponds and care for the growing fishes – providing a way for her to help herself and her family.

This Harvest Fast Day has focused on the work with our partners doing in El Salvador on improving agriculture and healthcare. However, that has not been all.  This year’s Harvest day has also been marking 100 years since the Blessed Oscar Romero’s birth.el-salvador


This year, two of our Gappers – Lizzie and Sophie – finished their placement.

They shared their experience saying that: ‘Volunteering for CAFOD has given me such wide perspective on life.  I have developed my leadership skills and self-confidence by campaigning for CAFOD and sharing the stories of the people I encountered overseas in Ethiopia. Being able to go overseas and see the work that CAFOD do has just been my highlight of the year and it has been a privilege to be able to tell people, especially CAFOD supporters, about it, letting them know that what they are doing is really making a positive difference to our brothers and sisters across the world.”

On the other hand, CAFOD has also welcomed new gappers, including Sophie. She said: ‘By doing my placement at Leeds Trinity University, I hope to work with students on issues of social injustice, and help raise awareness of CAFODs work all over the world. I aim to show how much simple acts of giving, contacting your MP, or empowering people can have such a positive effect on people globally.’

We thank and encourage all of them in their future steps!!

Keep your eyes peeled for part two of CAFOD Salford’s 2017 highlights after the new year!

We are celebrating International Volunteer’s day in Katherine House


This Tuesday, apart from our monthly prayer and after meal with our volunteers, we have been able to celebrate together international volunteer’s day, surrounded by delicious food (specially mince pies) and lovely people. With Christmas almost here, we have shared about what we will do with our families, the best way to get a tastier turkey, exchange Christmas cards, and catch up on the different projects that we are involved in with CAFOD.

However, on this special Tuesday, the idea of celebrating international volunteer’s day has also brought a reflection on what volunteering means to us. The idea to give freely your time to others, share your knowledge and wisdom and be ready to learn new skills.

We appreciate the importance of each volunteer and with their different approaches in life, from school’s coordinators to office volunteers, and backgrounds which has made a huge impact in CAFOD and all those countries that it is reaching and helping.

For this and everything, we THANK YOU for all your hard work, your time, your passion, to support CAFOD and we celebrate the importance of all your work. We hope that this can also encourage others to come and volunteer and take part of this huge family.