Folk night in Blackburn!

Written by CAFOD volunteer, Estefania Gonzales

Sometimes in CAFOD Salford’s office we are so amazed by the creativity of the people to raise funds for CAFOD. And, we are really grateful for that.

moorland folk

Members of the Blackburn community organised an incredible local folk night with a local folk band, The Moorland Folk, to raise money for CAFOD the 23rd February at Pleasington Priory and St Paul’s Church.

This 23rd of February was Family Fast Day, CAFOD has been working to combat malnutrition in Zimbabwe.

CAFOD’s goal is to provide the families with seeds, fencing and farming training so that everyone has enough to eat.

To see examples of creativity as Blackburn community really moves us and we hope to inspire other communities through this.

Martin Child, one of the organisers, talked about the folk night saying that: “We’ve had the Moorland Folk before and we’ve always had a brilliant night with great music.  We’re hoping to raise a lot of money for CAFOD, as we’ve been focusing on the refugee crisis within our parish.”

Dave Higginson, of Moorland Folk band, added: “We’ve played for CAFOD events several times. We wish CAFOD every success with its vital work worldwide, and are happy that we can enjoy a fun musical evening with all the local supporters.”

So, this is also a thank you to everyone who has been involved during this Lent Fast Day, either by praying for the families in Zimbabwe or donating money to CAFOD.

You can still donate to our Family Fast Day Appeal and it will be matched by the UK Government. This means that your donations will be doubled, up to a total of £5 million, making double the difference.


Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent

Written by CAFOD volunteer, Estefania Gonzales

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, during which we anticipate Good Friday and Easter. It is not just about depriving ourselves of things or joy, but totally the opposite, we should rejoice in the small and big actions that we do every day and continue with the mentality that we can build a better and fairer world. Lent is also a period in which we can consider our actions and how we can apply the Gospel to our daily lives.


So, on Ash Wednesday we begin Lent and we are invited to fast, pray and give. We can reflect on how to share what we have with our brothers and sisters who live in the poorest countries, remembering that we are all children of God.

You can get involved with Family Fast Day on Friday 23rd February to help combat malnutrition in Zimbabwe by providing seeds, farming training and more by organising a soup lunch with your parish or community. Plus, your donation can be doubled by the UK government, who are match funding any money raised (up to £5 million) between 13th February and 12th May 2018.


You can follow CAFOD’s online Lent Calendar 2018 here, to reflect, pray and take global justice action throughout this season.

We wish you a wonderful and fruitful Lent from all at CAFOD Salford.

Prepare for Lent Fast Day in Prestwich, 6th February

On Tuesday 6th February you and your friends and family are welcome to hear about CAFOD’s projects tackling hunger and malnutrition in Zimbabwe at Katherine House.

cafod lent 1

The location is Katherine House, 26 Singleton Road, Prestwich, M7 4WL.

Everyone is welcome and hope to see you there!