Talented children host concert to give children overseas the Gift of Play this Christmas

This Christmas time keeps surprising us with joyful news. We are so happy to share that 25 children from primary and secondary education in Bury have shared their musical talent at a Christmas concert to raise money for the Gift of Play from CAFOD’s World Gift Catalogue.

In fact, they have raised enough to buy 12 Gifts of Play, which will make a different to children’s lives across the world!

Anna Korzeniewska-Kojder, a music teacher and the organiser of the event, said: “It has been wonderful to see what started as a cosy, yearly gather-round for my students grow into something with a greater purpose. I am very proud of all my pupils who played so well at the concert, and thankful for the great generosity of the public, who raised more than £300.”

Gift of play

It is really encouraging seeing children of such young age sharing their talents, thinking about other children that have been born with different opportunities to them, and the way they can benefit them with their actions. All children should be able to play and grow up happy, that is why the idea behind this ‘gift’ is to provide a creative outlet for the children, which can be vital in stopping them from falling into the clutches of violent gangs.

From CAFOD’s Salford office we want to thank everyone for this magnificent concert, from the youngest pianist playing ‘The Bear Dance’, along with six year old cellist playing ‘Infant Paganini’, to Anna Korzeniewska-Kojder, for organising this event which has raised enough to buy so many Gifts of Play. CAFOD’s local representative in Bury, Ann Wilson, said: “What a talented bunch of young people.” They truly are! 

So, if anyone else was thinking in giving a CAFOD’s World Gift this Christmas, remember that the deadline for ordering your gift to arrive for Christmas is the 21st of December at noon.


Find out more about World Gift or make your order.


We wish you all the best and a wonderful Christmas.

Written by CAFOD volunteer, Estefania Gonzalez

CAFOD Salford launch of ‘The B.O.B. Box’


The launch

On 20th June CAFOD Salford’s ‘simple, practical response to Laudato Si‘ was launched at St Vincent de Paul’s, Norden, Rochdale.

Our B.O.B. box, a dual purpose bird-nesting or bat roosting box, is set to make a huge impact across the Diocese of Salford – making a contribution to improving our own environment as well as supporting CAFOD’s work overseas.

The launch was attended by over 50 people – parishioners, volunteers and


Steve Burrowes ( CPC Salford ) Liz Creagh ( HMP Buckley Hall ) and Bishop John Arnold at B.O.B. launch – St Vincent de Paul’s, Norden, Rochdale

representatives from local schools, members of Rochdale’s Catenian Circle and staff from HMP Buckley Hall, who will be participating in the project. We are, like with our partners overseas,  working in partnership with HMP Buckley Hall to respond to Pope Francis’ call for us all to show our love for our common home by “living more wisely, thinking more deeply and loving more generously.”

Bishop John Arnold, who has been an encouraging supporter of the project from the outset, gave the project a ringing endorsement when he said :

In ‘Laudato Si’, the letter of Pope Francis to us all, he talks about our ‘care for our common home’. We have to look after our world and all the creatures in it, just as we are to look after each other and never forget or ignore the needs of the people in the poorest countries of the world.

bob3The B.O.B. boxes give us a real opportunity to connect with nature, by helping endangered birds and bats that are so important to our local environment.

And by buying the boxes we provide much needed funds to help the poorest of people to have clean water and build sustainable livelihoods for themselves.”

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A Boost for World Gifts


Frances Taylor and Clare Oxley at St John’s RC Primary School in Chorlton, Manchester raised over £300 for CAFOD’s World Gifts. The money collected enabled various gifts to be bought, which included: a cow, a goat and countless queen bees! The money was raised from staff donating money to CAFOD instead of exchanging Christmas cards.